Two new audiobooks!

Our partners from Tantor recorded the fifth Nullform book by Dem Mikhailov, narrated by Jeffrey Kafer!

Striving for the top is the path of the strongest. If you are not moving upward, sooner or later you will tumble back to the bottom.

Elb has long understood that life in a cage, and among the scum, is not for him. He cares not for his higher new position in stinky Drainagetown. The hero wants to find a way out of the steel labyrinth.

But even if he makes it, what awaits him on the other side of the steel walls?

Elb and his squad of goblins are about to receive the answer not only to this, but also to other questions.

The squad has been through much together, and maintained its unity, but will it always be this way?

For not everyone is prepared to go to any length to achieve the desired goal, especially if it is the goal of the goblin Elb, who will stop at nothing, and is prepared for any sacrifice.

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But that's not all! Another unexpected audio release today is 

Rogue Merchant-1 by Roman Prokofiev narrated by David Bendena, Pete Cross!

Cat is a wannabe merchant who specializes in procuring in-game valuables to sell for real money. He's a cunning trickster who wriggles his way out of trouble thanks to his quick wit and his trading talents, and his credo is “Anyone can be bought provided the price is right." He starts from scratch, using every opportunity to advance his plans. The first book in the Rogue Merchant series, The Starlight Sword is the story of this common trader’s rise to becoming the world’s newest legend, the most famous merchant in the entire Sphere of the Worlds—a worldwide multiverse comprised of hundreds of worlds, from horrible Infernos ruled by Demon Lords to mechanical worlds inhabited by sentient constructs.

In the Sphere of the Worlds, gigantic markets have sprouted at the crossroads of trade routes, and players use astral ships to travel between worlds to avoiding having to venture into the perilous underground tunnels of the Endless Paths. Dozens of powerful clans share this delicious pie, scheming or waging wars against each other. A classic might-and-magic-style LitRPG series with elements of manapunk, the Rogue Merchant series focuses on the economics of this game world, including various trade methods, such as regular and auction trading, as well as social and political interactions between clans and players. There's plenty of intrigue and espionage, betrayal, trade wars, besieged castles, and epic air battles of flying ships!

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