Volper by Ros Per is released

Alpha Rome-1: Volper by Ros Per is released!

Please note: An earlier translation of this book was released on Amazon a while ago. Although it enjoyed considerable success with LitRPG readers at the time, the inadequate and amateurish translation of the sequel ruined the reading experience for many of the author's fans. Which is why Ros Per now only entrusts his books to professionals, re-releasing this title in a brand new translation by Magic Dome Books who will also publish all the following books of the series.

As the years start running out, you often find that life has left you completely alone. This is what has happened to one military veteran who’s lived through many of history’s “flash points”. In order to inject some color into his final days, the former soldier signs a contract with a company that has developed a fully immersive virtual world.

Project Alpha Rome is a multi-level city plagued by endless wars between humans and mutants. You can play as either species. The best argument in favor of living here is the firepower and the reflexes of your weapons. Our hero chooses the nickname “Volper” and sets out on his path alone, preferring not to fall into the ranks of an existing clan.

Thanks to this strategy, he manages to spot things other players have missed, even in the simplest of locations, meaning he progresses much more quickly than they do. His attentive and reflective attitude to his surroundings prompts him to ask more and more questions about the purpose of the project. Why has Alpha Rome really been created?

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Book 2: Skurfaifer will be released September 17, 2021