Thunder Rumbles Twice

He has lost it all – his family, his health, his job. When life loses all meaning but revenge against your enemy, you can follow him even to another world from where you have no chance of returning. With nothing but uncertainty ahead.

Now he is a teenager who has been sold for debts to the school of Quan. The school is little different from a prison, and the hero’s status – from slavery.

There one is expected to work tirelessly and take tablets that cause addiction. Once you begin taking them, there is no escape from the place.

There are only two ways out – become a fighter and win a chance to achieve freedom by becoming a soldier of the Zhou family; or work to exhaustion until adulthood and be sent off to the silver mines, where few survive longer than three years.

Our hero’s body is weak, his status in the school low, and he has no friends. He would appear to be doomed, but the spirit of the one who finds himself in the boy’s body in pursuit of his enemy forces him to cling to life, to grow stronger and stronger instead of breaking. His memory cannot give him a complete answer as to who he is and what was in his past. But his recollection steadily returns, and his weak body is ready to grow strong through training with his teacher and through the abilities of the Chosen One. He is ready to challenge those who want to break him.

Now he is called Lei, which means Thunder. And he intends to rumble so loud that the one he seeks will hear him.

Martial arts, superpowers and a hero’s story of growth. The first of five books of an exciting progression fantasy tale in wuxia style. Read this new series, already a bestseller in Russia, now in English too!

He has lost it all – his family, his health, his job.


He lost it all – his family


The tournament of clans did


Lei Cheng is now the leader


Kiang has shifted into deci