(book #2)
Status: released

Book ^2

V. Kriptonov
M. Bachurova

He lost it all – his family, his health, his job. The sole purpose of his life is now vengeance against an enemy who he has followed into another world with no chance of returning. In this world he is a teenager, sold for debts to the School of Quan, which belongs to the mighty Zhou clan. Now he is called Lei, which means Thunder.

Lei has managed to complete the trial to become a fighter of the school, and now he must compete in a tournament against fighters of other schools.

In the meantime, there is a shift underway in the upper ranks of clan Zhou. The old leader has died or was killed, and his son is too young and inexperienced to take the reins.

Master Nianzou, as acting head of the clan, turns the tournament into a brutal slaughter. The only way to escape it is to win.

An ill aura seems to hang over the School of Quan. Lei notices that the fighters are being set up one by one – as if someone needs them to lose. Or maybe the goal is the death of Lei himself? What if Kiang, his old enemy, hides in the shadow of Master Nianzou?

How can he escape a trap with no way out? How can he defeat an opponent who can’t be defeated? And who is the strange boy who intervenes in the tournament and asks Lei for help?

The old world is collapsing. Old enemies become loyal friends. Lei continues toward his goal, climbing ever higher and growing stronger with every step.

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