Status: released

You're in Game!

Vasily Mahanenko
Andrei Livadny
Michael Atamanov
Alexey Osadchuk
Pavel Kornev

This fast-paced collection of novellas and short stories from leading Russian LitRPG authors sheds new light on their signature worlds. Expect your favorite heroes to play second fiddle to an array of new main characters; once-minor plot lines to lead you in unexpected directions; familiar story events to take new surprising turns.

SIX unique writing styles. SEVEN meticulously conceived gaming worlds, two of which come from authors new to LitRPG but who are already experts in the craft of genre fiction.

Each story pushes the boundaries of suspense and intrigue. An adventure roller coaster in the new LitRPG anthology You're In Game!

LIST OF AUTHORS: Vasily Mahanenko, Alexey Osadchuk, Michael Atamanov, Andrei Livadny, Pavel Kornev and Andrei Novak