The Fairy Code

From book 1:

It started out like any other day. How was I to know it was my last day on Earth? You see, on that day, my boss sold me to Doran, the King of Shadows, ally of Chaos, and ruler of one of the three faery courts. 
Sounds crazy, right? After all, I’m a geneticist, not a slave. 
Before I knew it, I was transported to another world - a world where the very landscape killed most humans. Somehow, against the odds, I survived. 
But how? 
And why was I here? 

I soon found out that the faeries were barren and facing extinction. 

The King of Shadows set before me the daunting challenge of finding out why. The consequence for failure? Facing an unbearable fate. 

But someone or something was out to stop me.... 

My search for a solution would lead me to secrets about my own origin and to unexpected feelings for this cruel land and its harsh ruler. 

Oh, Chaos! What a wild ride!

That fateful day started out like any other. Wake up, shower, go to work.


I was the last hope for the faeries.